Buffin Leadership Mission and Values

Established in 1994, Buffin Leadership has an outstanding record of coaching success with numerous UK and international companies and organisations.

David Buffin, their managing director and principal coach, has an enviable reputation of consistently helping individuals and teams achieve accelerated learning to deliver rapid, measurable and improved competitive performance and results.

Buffin Leadership develop unique, highly personalised systems that successfully address leadership performance issues specific to each organisation. The bespoke, innovative design of these learning systems, tools and learning approaches work to inspire motivational change at all business levels, the benefits of which can then be quickly multiplied and cascaded across organisations both nationally and internationally.

Companies and organisations that operate in global markets can also benefit from Buffin Leadership’s international coaching teams, who are specifically equipped to support businesses who are facing learning and/or cultural challenges, whether organisationally or in their markets.

Buffin Leadership also makes contributions in other areas including the Chrysalis Programme for young offenders and provides further support to Children with Leukemia and other non-profit organisations in the form of marionette puppetry to support learning.

Programmes are delivered in English widely by all consultants. Fluent Coaching and Delivery capability in German, Dutch, French, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, Polish and Italian.