Knowledge and Experience – Industries and Cultures
Key to Client Service is our knowledge and experience of different Industries/Organisations all with different Cultures and our ability to design and deliver Leadership development Strategies at varying levels to align to the Business Strategy and Goals for their Customers, Employees and Stakeholders.

Front Line Expertise – Customer Focus

Our Consultants, Coaches and Facilitators draw on years of proven successful work in Front Line Roles in different Countries, Companies and Cultures. In all businesses, Customer Focus is paramount to our Clients’ success. With all Clients we work closely to ensure the content and style of the Learning delivery empowers everyone in the Organisation to successfully focus and produce Outstanding Customer Service. The emphasis is on Coaching the Team to engage with High Performance Teamwork using Tailor-made Solutions.

Continuous Improvement – Long Term Gains
Many Clients benefit by creating flatter and wider Teams with powerful strategies to boost their performance and productivity gains. Determining effective and practical performance measures with a Plan is integral to this and is the basis for Continuous Improvement and Long Term Gains.

Facilitating Change – Client Investment
Our Clients invest in developing a number of their Key People as Leader Facilitators/Coaches as a resource to influence the pace and drive change. We are committed to help our Clients with the transfer of this Learning.

Addidional Buffin Leadership Products and Solutions
There are also a different set of Coaching Sessions and Packages that Clients enjoy. These are based on our Expert Knowledge and Applications in many situations. Clients use them to compliment the Team-Led Sessions or in combination with the Overall Learning Programme delivered. The products cover most Leadership and Coaching functions and we are developing new solutions and applications with Clients, some of which will be available online.

Industries with BLI Clients Benefiting from Buffin Leadership Support Solutions and Learning Expertise During the Past 10 Years
Construction, Heavy Engineering, Mining, Off Shore Engineering, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals/Medical, Healthcare Services, Travel/Transport and Logistics, Leisure, Pulp and Paper Production, Food Processing and Manufacturing, Agriculture, Brewing, Milling and Baking, Retail, Media, Further Education Colleges.

A number of the Clients are International Companies and assignments and support have been delivered overseas.

We have many recommendations and references which in the interests of our Clients are confidential. For potential new Clients these are readily available for the necessary contact at the appropriate time.