Buffin Leadership is currently spearheading a project to assist PITA (Paper Industry Technical Association) to define its focus and purpose for the future.

By utilising the BLI leading edge facilitation technique, the directors of the association will be lead through the fast and effective process which will capture, rationalise, create buy in and prioritise a strategy to ensure that the association more than meets the need of the members and industry it represents.

Like many manufacturing industries, the paper and board businesses have had to adapt quickly to changing times and in doing so meet challenges that would have sunk other less robust businesses. Issues such as higher energy, environmental, raw material costs are rising and against a backdrop of static or reducing market volume offer a perfect storm that has to be navigated.

PITA has for many years provided technical education, advice and leadership to the industry. By engaging in this work it is ensuring that it leads from the front thus helping to sustain it’s place as an organisation that is widely regarded as one of Europe’s most admired institutions.

Buffin Leadership will provide the necessary advice, stimulus and direction over the coming weeks to ensure PITA has a documented forward plan with relevant detail – including time line and project attribution, in other words a strategic plan with teeth.

Buffin Leadership is delighted to be associated with this opportunity and looks forward to working alongside PITA during the coming few months.

John Kirby, Operations Director, Buffin Leadership International Ltd.