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The Buffin Leadership International (BLI) team are primarily focused on the key goal of achieving successful outcomes for our clients.

Every BLI manager and coach working is personally coached by David Buffin and is also a highly qualified professional consultant/coach.

This brings extensive and in-depth knowledge, skills and beliefs to deal confidently and effectively with local and different cultures with organisational and individual developmental challenges.

All BLI programmes can be delivered in a wide variety of languages including English, German, Dutch, French, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, Polish and Italian.


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David Buffin
Managing Director
Lead Coach and Facilitator
UK and International
T: +44 1242 236677
M: +44 7836 577988
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John Kirby
Operations Support Director
Senior Consultant, Coach
North West UK, Scotland
T: +44 1524 781142
M: +44 7899 924140
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Ton Oosterwijk
Master Franchisee
The Benelux
T: +31 23 54 40 720
F: +31 84 22 68 885
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Mükrime Alptekin
Strategic Partner
T: +90 216 337 5086
M: +90 533 386 3365
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Taher Mulla
SpeedChange Performance Coach
T: 07903 501618
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Paul Freeman
SpeedChange Performance Coach
T: 07971 445562
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