John Kirby

John Kirby

John Kirby
Operations Director
Senior Consultant and Coach
North West UK and Scotland

T: +44 (0) 1524 78114
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John Kirby has held a number of senior executive and board positions for Publicly owned international groups (BPB Industries, Federal Paperboard – USA, Grubber & Weber – Germany and Netherlands) and privately owned businesses (Thomas Tait & Sons – Scotland, Celtech International – Italy).

With an MSc in Corporate Leadership (Napier University Edinburgh) he also has many technical qualifications for Pulp and Paper Manufacture.


Company Turn-round

  • Led several company rescue missions where substantial losses were turned into profit.

Company Growth

  • Has successfully steered expansion projects involving multi million £’s of investment often utilising state of the art ground / breaking technology.
  • Overseen transformation of small independent producer of general paper products to number one UK producer of copier paper over a two year period.

People Development

  • Retaining a keen interest in learning, development and motivation, have sat on and chaired the boards of several learning and educational institutions including Robert Gordon’s University, Aberdeen, Scottish Paper Industry Training Organisation.
  • Experienced negotiator with trade Unions at both plant level & nationally.
  • An inorgarual member of the UK Edwards Demming Institute.
  • Regular lecturer to the faculty of engineering at Lancaster University.
  • Highly experienced practitioner of cultural integration.
  • Possess a passionate belief that motivated people can be more productive.

Business Development

  • Devising, selling and installing belief in strategy has underpinned all of his activities.
  • Direct experience of expansion into new markets both in Europe, the far East and for innovative products to open up new markets.
  • Has wide knowledge of Quality systems, environmental improvement programmes and successful safety management systems.
  • Been involved in several buy ins and buy outs, involving venture capital and institutional clubs.


  • Senior performance coach for teams, individuals and CEO’s.
  • With wide experience of leading public, private, national and international corporations, John is quickly able to understand the issues that matter within organisations. Whether coaching the senior team, supervisory team or in one to one sessions he is able to relate to people and issues quickly and help facilitate plans which will impact on the corporate performance.
  • International experience and an understanding of the cultural management needs give multi national clients another dimension when applying improvement techniques.
  • The experience profile enables John to give high impact, credible personal coaching and support to executives.