John van den Bosch

John van den Bosch

John van den Bosch
The Netherlands

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John van den Bosch has been an entrepreneur since his twenties, and has successfully owned, developed and steered an engineering consultancy company, a sign company, and a sign franchise company. He studied mathematics, business organisation and economy, Engineering, Communication, and Personal Leadership. As one of the larger signmakers in Holland John not only served large customers such as Shell, General Motors, Centerparcs and Eneco but also realised large projects as turnkey delivery of all the signage of bungalow parks in Holland and UK (Centerparcs) or turnkey restyle sign projects (Eneco). John was the first to start sign franchising in Holland and successfully introduced the World market Leader in the sign industry Sign a Rama to Holland, expanding into Belgium and Germany. Fluent in Dutch and English.



  • Founded and developed a sign company from scratch up to 3 million guilders in annual sales.
  • Founded and developed the “Coöperatieve Inkoopvereniging Visionline” a Dutch Sign Association.
  • Was a board advisory member of SiBon (a Dutch Sign Association).
  • Founded and developed a Sign-Franchise company up to 19 stores in Holland, Belgium and Germany.
  • International oriented.

Project Management
John has lead several large (international) sign projects from design, planning, engineering to realisation.

Business Broker
John has gained knowledge in Buying and selling of companies within a franchise system.

Sales and Marketing

  • John has a proven record in Sales and especially in building trust in large projects and/or franchise sales.
  • Specialist in Direct Marketing (Cold Calling).
  • Specialist in one on one communication.


  • Has a passion for training (self and others).
  • Trained most of personnel and franchise owners first hand.
  • Developed a “Communication Workshop” for personal use.

To develop business in the Netherlands and provide support coaching.