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Taher Mulla

Taher Mulla
SpeedChange Performance Coach

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Taher Mulla is a passionate, caring person who looks after the welfare of all the people he works with. He strives to achieve excellence through a combination of hard work, passion and ingenuity. Over his professional career, Taher has worked in renowned international companies in various industries including; finance and accounting, automotive/industrial paint, business continuity services, odour control systems, facilities management. This has enabled him to cultivate a broad-based knowledge on corporate structures and their workings, the importance of communication, how industrial processes work and how to integrate these successfully into a team, in order to ensure that all team efforts are effectively channelled towards meeting the goals of the business. His broad experience also provides Taher with a worldwide network of professionals to draw upon for advice and further support.

As a senior manager of the team, Taher’s support and facilitation was integral in the development, organisation and implementation of a large-scale community project. Taher was responsible for contractual documents, procurement, project management and site safety. The £7m Community Centre – funded entirely by locals – which served the community’s needs was successfully completed both on time and budget.
Having run his own business, Taher has developed a keen eye for the most effective and efficient ways of implementing his team member’s invaluable insights. Through strong leadership, Taher has inspired employees and team members to encapsulate the businesses core objectives in their day to day participation in the business


Taher is a result-focused Facilitator/Trainer/Consultant. Experience shows that a co-ordinated team that communicates well and anticipates challenges not only succeeds but also encourages the individual members to develop their skills and excel.

By listening to the needs of your business and environment, Taher will work together with you to develop and deliver a specially designed package to suit your personal business goals. Using SpeedChange Performance Coaching’s unique and proven modules will achieve the desired results when delivered and implemented by our team.

Taher’s multidisciplinary professional experience enables him to strategically assess, evaluate and deliver the desired results. Drawing on a range of professional experiences, Taher is able to problem solve efficiently and with ingenuity.