Theo Brinek

Theo Brinek

Theo Brinek
Associate Director

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Theo Brinek is a highly experienced International Coach and Leading European Facilitator. He has delivered many top level Senior Management Facilitation and Consultancy projects and exercises in Europe and in particular Zurich and Toronto, Canada.

Mediator – Master of ARTS M.A. (“Mediation”).
Member of the Experts Group Business Mediation.


Operational Management – Hotel Industry

  • Lecturer at Ryerson and Centennial Collage, Toronto.
  • Independent Hotel Management and Consulting, Project Management.
  • Project Development and financing (Canada, Switzerland and UK)

Working Languages
English, German, French.

Systemic Processes
Supporting change, resolving stressful and non visible elements in life and business with Mediation.

Conflict Management in the Workplace

  • Supports the early stages of Conflict Management.
  • Guides people to find their own individual solutions with consulting support.

Develops Customised Coaching
Positive support to Teams to reconcile differing interest in the area of Planning, Measurement and Change.

Systematic Constellation Work
Works with a number of principles and unique methods to deal with the root causes of conflict and supports solutions.

Theo is an Associate Director and advisor to Top Level Management in significant Change Projects. In sensitive and challenging new environments created by the change with issues involving behaviour, style and communication he provides customised consulting advice and Senior Management Facilitation and Coaching Programmes to support the Issues.