Paul Freeman

Paul Freeman

Paul Freeman
SpeedChange Performance Coach

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Paul Freeman has a passion for excellence, striving to achieve the very best in any assignment, recognising the power of people to make a difference in whatever field they work. He has a record of success in the Chemical and Paper Industries for the past 36 years with 10 years as Operations Director. He has a wide range of expertise and achievements in areas such as safety, environmental, quality, process efficiency and ERP systems. Paul is an accomplished Leader with a strong focus in operational management and control, business improvements, employee engagement and communications.


  • Project Management – Paul works a varied and flexible style with proven experiences of project work such as bespoke research-based investigations, installation of small process improvement projects, design and installation of large turn key plant and major computer control and system changes. Delivering sound change management is key to his success.
  • Production Planning and Leadership – He uses sound business cases, supported with strong evidence to enable strategies to be developed which bring about sustainable business success. He communicates clearly with his teams to display purpose in achieving overall business goals and objectives.
  • Operational Management and Control – He organises business resources and processes so that they all work towards common goals. He uses management information to highlight priority areas and ensure that planned expenditure delivers on the anticipated benefits.
  • Relationship Management – He is a firm believer in the participative style of engagement to encourage ideas and good decision making at all levels. He helps identify development needs and addresses them through planned training and support with mentoring and coaching.
  • Business Process Improvement – He conducts a structured approach to determine the best methods for gaining competitive advantage and stronger performances through both people and technologies.
  • Communication – With a consistent, clear, inclusive and fact-based communication style, he influences both internal and external stakeholders to consider other viewpoints and drivers when deciding the most appropriate communication method and content.

Paul’s role in Buffin Leadership SpeedChange focuses on Continuous Improvement Strategies using his expertise and resources to achieve greater results. High performance coaching and peak performance team work are the key to the success of any business and that is what Paul will bring into any organisation through the Buffin Leadership SpeedChange programme.