Sports Leadership Programme

Our SpeedChange for Sports Leaders Programme is an accelerated learning experience specially designed for leaders at all levels in the sporting industry. The objectives of the programme are for leaders to support High Performance Coaching to ensure future success and to empower others with the use of teamwork. Our tailored modules provide a platform to enable solutions for leadership performance issues by inspiring and empowering individuals and teams to deliver rapid, measurable results with the use of ongoing personal development.

“Build Confidence and influence to multiply success. Supercharge yourself and your team – now!”




Our People

Front Line Expertise

Our Consultants, Coaches and Facilitators draw on years of proven successful work in front line roles in different countries, companies and cultures.

Meet the Team
“All the training and technology in the world won’t buy you success if your people are not on board. Buffin energised a committed workforce and got them thinking of their work in terms of OUR business and that is a priceless commodity.”

food operations executive on receiving the top three manufacturing awards in
the group for outstanding performance, national bakery
“Buffin’s Peak Performance Learning Programmes ‘Keeping Ahead of the Game’ delivered at
the Marbella Sales Conference gave us the vision and focus to produce the results we wanted! Outstanding performance.”