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Additional to our Coaching Programmes and Strategies we have also designed and utilise a unique set of Learning Tools that clients gain great insights from. These are based on our expert knowledge and applications from our many experiences. They are used to compliment the Team-led Sessions and in combination with the Overall Learning Programmes delivered. They are high energy activities and are very effective as problem solving and ideas generating tools at Away Days, Team Building Days and Conferences.

“Accelerated methods and techniques enable rapid progress for leaders of all levels to produce solutions for faster results.”
The Innovation Challenge

The Innovation Challenge

In business and enterprise, innovation is rightly viewed as a key catalyst to growth. In many organisations, innovation is linked to positive changes in:

  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Competitiveness
  • Market Share

Buffin Leadership International have devised a novel way of enabling teams and individuals to release their real creative energy and ideas generating skills geared to corporate team building and individual challenges and objectives.

Already used by major corporate clients, the unique Innovation Challenge is the fastest way to generate a stream of ideas by thinking on your feet. Using real challenges in the organisation and applying exciting visual and engaging techniques, it breaks the patterns of predictive thought and ideas by causing new combinations to emerge in team members’ thinking.The result? Ideas are created quickly, randomly and creatively, thus overcoming any individual, team or organisational barriers to new and innovative ideas for growth.

Used with Facilitation and Motivational Sessions to “Spark Inspiration” to drive the Customer Performance for faster results, raise the quality of Delivery Output and involve everyone in innovation with live High Performance Teamwork.

An International Media Company, ran a Turbo-Charge Event for its Transformational Creative Team producing some awesome outcomes. The Head of Transformation and Technology reported, “Take away and outputs from the exercise have produced better joint working behaviours, escalations and governance. Action Plans are executing the above and driving full inclusion”.

At a Sales Conference with a National Retail Operator new ideas were produced for some new product brands and innovations as well as system improvements. The result – greater profitability.

Feed the Profit

Feed the Profit

All Managers, Leaders and Operators impact on the cost drivers and profitability of the business and will always gain benefit from success.

The Feed the Profit game focuses on practical management of the financial elements that you can either control, influence or change. Tailored to the particular business the unpredictability of the central spinner on the board game by every member of the team engaged makes for great learning that is real, practical, challenging and can be applied immediately in practice throughout the business.

On a recent exercise with an offshore engineering business the Group Financial Manager identified the needs applied directly to the Model. He claims it has made a significant difference after the team exercise to the confidence and importance of understanding and applying the financial basics impacting on the profitability of the business.

Results Power Planner


This is a system of thinking to help you achieve great results and real fulfilment. It is based on a Three Step Process:

  • Determine the result you want
  • Focus on why you want it
  • Plan the specific actions to achieve it

The Process immediately shifts your focus to what you really want, and why you want it, in advance of making your to-do list, to make it happen. It allows you to determine exactly which path you want to take, thereby changing not only your motivation, but the quality of your actions.

The Sequence in which you determine these three elements is the difference between success and failure. You will then be in the right state of mind to focus on actions to achieve your result. You have then enough reasons to push yourself through any obstacle to achieve the goal. You have created the certainty to know it is to become a reality.

Creative Away Days to generate new strategies

Conferences, Events & Workshops

Using our unique Learning and Communication Tools and accelerated exercises to bring people together and enjoy producing solutions.

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“Comprehensive professional and leading edge facilitation techniques and methods provided our top level people a development strategy prior to the election. It really paid off and helped plans in the culture move forward.”

Operations Director, food Manufacturer, South Africa
“Buffin has made a huge difference, especially confidence and teamwork in our management teams. He impressed our board.”

Chairman & MD, Offshore Engineering