David Buffin

David Buffin

David Buffin
Managing Director
Lead Coach and Facilitator
UK and International

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David is the Founder Director of Buffin Leadership International. He is also Senior Managing Partner of Buffin Learning established over 12 years ago. He has a record of success with a number of Leading UK and International Companies at all levels based on his ability to help Individuals and Teams create measurable results achieving in a number of cases Training and Innovation awards. He has wide experience working in US, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Far East and Australia, Malaysia.

Publications include sections in the Learning Revolution, TV Programmes include BBC “Back to the Floor” and the “Money Programme”.

Examples below briefly describe the successes in various projects and assignments over the past decade. They represent the energy, drive and planning with a high focus on outcomes that must go into client projects we deliver.


  • Facilitation of business strategy/people development to produce strategic and operational plans with all levels of management in major company operations in the Manufacturing, Service and Retail Industries. Many key projects required this focus on results planning.

Operations Management

  • Personal and Team Coaching in relation to Leadership Challenges, High Performance teamwork and empowering workforces, delivered particularly in the Food, Health, Construction and the Off-shore Engineering industries.

Sales/Sales Management

  • Many examples of Sales Force and Commercial Business Team turn around in attitude, behaviour and performance, particularly in the logistics, retail and service operations.

Business Management

  • Delivering strategic and facilitation support to Board Level.
  • National Leadership Programmes provided for senior advisors in the Meat Hygiene Advisory Service and the Rail and Airline business.

Results Coach

  • Consultancy, advisory, coaching role with a focus on finance/customer service and quality standards in a number of blue chip major improvement projects.

David’s role is to manage the business and to lead and grow Teams of Coaching Professionals and Key Facilitators in the role so they add greater value to their business. He taps into a worldwide network.

His Focus

  • Facilitating Change Management Programmes and Strategy.
  • Empowering Leadership and High Performance Teamwork.
  • Motivation of Personal and Cultural Change.
  • The transfer of learning to the business and the growth of Successful High Performance Coaches and Facilitators.
  • The Innovation of Practical Learning Approaches to accelerate programmes for results.