Programmes that empower and engage

The focus is on designing specific Coaching Programmes and Strategies that solve leadership performance issues which inspire and empower individuals and teams to deliver rapid, competitive performance. This enables your organisation to grow a High Performance Culture using our Strategic Ladder Process and Bridge Framework so leaders focus their energy, confidence and belief to continually improve.

Individuals and teams become inspired and empowered to deliver rapid, measurable and improved competitive performance and results. The benefits of these changes can then be quickly multiplied and cascaded across operations both nationally and internationally.

Significant Benefits

  • Greater energy and focus at all levels

  • Higher performance standards impacting on the customer

  • Increased productivity raising profit performance

  • Greater recognition and fulfilment in work with individuals and teams

  • Untapped talent and potential released for future succession in the business

Examples of tailored programmes with proven frameworks

  • Empower Leadership Performance for Change
  • Power Planning for faster Results

  • Facilitate Competitive Strategy and Grow Internal Facilitators

  • Drive High Performance Coaching

  • Inspire Outstanding Teamwork

  • Feed the Profit, Engaging Financial Performance

  • Energise Leaders for Change

  • Make Powerful Decisions

  • Grow Internal Support Coaches

  • Strategies for Never-ending Improvement

  • Personal Coaching tailored to all levels

Our People

Front Line Expertise

Our Consultants, Coaches and Facilitators draw on years of proven successful work in front line roles in different countries, companies and cultures.

Meet the Team
“All our sales offices in the Middle East and Far East report great results from the programme, especially at a time of great competitive activity.”

Vice President, Maritime Industry, Norway
“Buffin Leadership International developed the top management team and the workforce delivering greater business results. Facilitation skills were first class.”

UK Regional HR Director, Heavy Industry Manufacturer